Monday, August 16, 2010

Want To Learn Something New

Kids, try asking these questions to your parents;

1) Are they familiar with the word “square root”?

2) Had they ever tried taking the square root of an eight-digit number such as 38,775,529 without the aid of a calculator?

3) Are they familiar with the “long hand division method”?

If they answer “yes” to all my questions, maybe some how, they will agree with me, along with the other parents and teachers that such a kind of mathematics, is a “real burden” for grade school kids like you.

But I devised a much easier method that I called Square Edging (MSM-1 Format), designed specially, for kids like you.


Notes from the Author:

For parents and Math teachers who have the ideas about Squaring and Taking the Square Roots of Numbers, start with SE Telegram and if you're interested to know how it works, start reading the topic "New Method of Squaring" to fully understand what "Square-Edging MSM-1 Format" is all about